About Us

The Richardson Program is an up-and-coming industry leader in fitness solutions. We aim to provide highly effective and efficient training techniques that demand a place and in the training environment, for all populations.

We offer a wide range of programs: 1 to 1 private training; functional movement; to performance coaching; weight loss; team training; small group training; and a host of other training modalities. Our aim is to find a place for our style of training alongside most of the traditional modalities available today.

The Richardson Program advocates cueing techniques which are movement driven. The ramifications of which are exponentially noticeable when considering the degree of skill transfer to situations outside the training setting.

We promote a safe, realistic, time and cost effective approach towards achieving fitness levels as defined by some of the worlds leading organizations ( CDC, ACSM, Presidents Council) that will help individuals lead an elevated quality of life through addressing the complete spectrum and components of physical fitness.