Common Training Errors

By September 14, 2017blog

There are a lot of unforgivable errors being committed during training. To train, you need to mentally be prepared so your training can be effective. Is the most special moment because you will be taking care of your body, is the only thing that you will be wearing all your life and it should be unsurpassable.

The following errors should not be committed:
1. to begin the work without warming up the body. This error can cause very hurtful damage like spraining and muscle strains, on the muscles being used. Particularly in the ankle area, lower back and your arms, are very prone to accidents if they’re not properly warmed up.

2. to think you don’t need help: it doesn’t matter how much time you have exercising or how strong or right you think you are; always is useful to count with a buddy to assist you. For example, a set of squads badly done can affect your knees or using the weights the wrong way can hurt your back.

3. not using the right clothing: the clothes and the shoes to do exercise should not be from designer labels, they just have to be the right ones. For example, very loose clothes could get stuck in some machine or make you trip or cause unnecessary friction to your skin causing irritation. On the other hand, very tight clothing would limit your movements. Microfiber or polyester (dry-fit) clothing is ideal especially if you sweat a lot because the fabric will wick the sweat off the body and will evaporate while keeping your body dry. If you exercise outside you should always have protection against the rain and the cold when the winter comes.

4. not balancing the type of exercise and different areas of your body: unless you’d like to highlight in weight-lifting or compete in some sports, but you should always exercise your whole body and not only certain areas. Also you should combined types of exercises so you can develop not only resistance and elasticity, but also to contribute in your cardiopulmonary health. Walk, jog or ride the bike, you should combine with weights or machines, always accompanied with someone for assistance.

5. not drinking enough fluids: is very important to keep yourself hydrated throughout your exercise routines. If you are thirsty that means your body is dehydrated. Dehydration makes you more prone to injuries in your muscles and joints. You must drink water at least one hour before exercising. During your session, have at hand a bottle of water, at least 600ml and remain drinking little sips when you finish each session. At the end, you also need to drink even more water.

6. having a bad attitude: if you feel like you need to force yourself to go to the gym or go outside for a run, turn on the music in your living room and start dancing or do something else that you like so you can obtain all the benefits of exercising, especially everything that has to do with the release of endorphins, you should enjoy what you’re doing.

On another hand, while you’re performing your routine, you should leave behind your worries about work, your studies or anything else that gives you stress. You should be relaxed and concentrated on what you are doing so you can enjoy it and to also avoid accidents.

Avoid to make common errors and I assure you that you will get the max advantage in your exercises.

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